The Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers (CAMMM)

CAMMM is the guiding voice for Canadian medical mask manufactures in establishing standards, communicating with legislators and regulators, and supporting new methodologies and technologies to enhance the economic health of our emerging medical mask manufacturing industry in Canada.

The Leadership Our Industry Needs Right Now

Mission Statement

To be the authoritative and responsible voice for the Canadian medical mask manufacturing industry.

To promote and protect the general interests of our members and the medical mask manufacturing industry.

To access legislators, regulators, and key opinion leaders to promote Canadian medical mask manufacturing companies and domestic supply of safe, high quality medical mask products for all consumers.

To promote building a Canadian supply chain with high quality standards of products manufactured to ensure consumer safety, responsible and informative communication, and regulatory compliance with applicable legislation. 

To foster the development of a strategic industry critical to Canada’s national health care and economic development.

To ensure Canadian Medical Mask Manufacturers are at the forefront of research and development for the industry by providing leadership in leveraging new manufacturing methodologies and technologies to provide cost-effective solutions that can be easily scaled for Canadian economic benefit.

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