Founding Members

Breathe Medical Manufacturing Ltd.

Breathe Medical Manufacturing Ltd. (Breathe Medical™) designs, manufactures and distributes disposable surgical / procedure masks and N95 particulate respirators. Breathe Medical services multiple global markets including medical, health & beauty, industrial, and food & beverage processing plants. Breathe Medical provides Canadian and USA retailers, distributors, and citizens with a safe and stable North American supply chain manufactured in Canada.

The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is an award-winning, advanced manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) products in Ontario, Canada. When it comes to infection prevention and protection, we think differently — our team designs innovative and sustainable solutions to equip healthcare providers with safe and reliable personal protective equipment.

Inno LifeCare

Inno LifeCare (a division of Inno Foods) is a manufacturer of medical masks with a mission statement to develop and make products that enhance and protect life. Based in Vancouver, BC Inno Foods is a world leader in the confectionary space. We take these standards and apply them to the masks that we manufacture in Canada.


Humask by Entreprise Prémont

Humask by Entreprise Prémont has become Quebec’s first manufacturer of disposable surgical masks with the Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) to manufacture and distribute products that meet the highest industry requirements. The team at Humask has a wealth of expertise in the fields of health, HEPA filtration and automation processes. They have revolutionized the world of surgical masks by developing unique filtration technology, called the HuCareTM filter membrane, for our Humask ProTM, which improves comfort and protection.

Finnie Manufacturing

In 1942, Finnie Manufacturing was started across the street from Building 42, a military supply depot (today known as CFB Montreal). During WWII, our company manufactured tents and other protective gear for the Canadian military, which we still manufacture today. In 2020, at the requests of our local community leaders, we formed a new division, Finnie Protection to help address the shortage of PPE. As a 4th generation family owned and operated business in Lacolle, Quebec, we have a history of helping our country in times of need and our mission is unchanged, keeping our people protected.

RS Metals & Minerals Inc.

RS Metals and Minerals Inc. is an organization that provides insights and direction through its consulting services for global manufacturers. It is a brand that stands for credibility and positive impact through its consulting projects undertaken and delivered over the last decade. RS Metals and Minerals Inc uses its manufacturing experience to craft excellent quality medical grade 3Ply masks and N95 respirators under the V-Guard brand.

M.I. Protection

MI Protection (a division of MI Integration) designs, manufactures and distributes different Health & Protection products.  We are using our deep thermoplastic sealing knowledge and important engineering capacity to develop innovative and eco-friendly products. In the pandemic context and with the collaboration of the CNRC (Canadian National Research Council), we developed the first reusable and recyclable N99 respirator.

Affiliate Members

AccuTrust Laboratories Ltd.

AccuTrust Laboratories Ltd. provides testing services to health care, government and private sector organizations who wish to ensure the products they have meet the standards they require. Whether you would like testing performed on raw goods from your suppliers before you start manufacturing or you would like to test samples of finished goods, we can assist to ensure your supplier is providing you products that meet national and international standards.

Mermaid Inc. Group

MERMAID INC Group is your Solutions Provider. Focused on start to finish marketing, specializing in print, packaging, displays and promotions. We help you seamlessly launch and support your business necessities.

We are constantly bringing Innovation and new turnkey vehicles to the table. We assist our clients and partners position themselves in the market to increase sales. With a department in PPE distribution, we strategically positioned ourselves to aid with safety supplies during these trying times. Challenge us for a solution.

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